ACE Fund Ratings Service

Your funds or portfolios will be independently analysed and benchmarked to ensure that they meet our demanding standards of Consistency and Efficiency relative to the Dynamic Planner Asset and Risk Model.

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Achieving a Dynamic Planner ACE Rating recognises that an asset manager’s fund or portfolio is placed within the top decile of all funds in their peer group. This provides advisers with very clear direction towards the most suitable funds to use for their centralised investment process.

The ACE Ratings methodology is a fund classification scheme which allows financial planners to easily identify those funds which offer the best consistency and efficiency to the Dynamic Planner Asset and Risk Model and help them ensure ongoing investment suitability for their clients.

It provides advisers with the confidence that their fund recommendations have met a high standard of due diligence.


The methodology provides a simple and clear ratings range of 1-4 ACE, all clearly denoted within Dynamic Planner. The rating offers a distinctive way to increase attractiveness distribution of funds to all users of Dynamic Planner in the Portfolio Suitability Hub and in adviser communications.

“Refreshingly the service does not attempt to ‘analyse’ or forecast, nor to identify skill, but rather to reflect the “Consistency” of a fund; how closely it fits the underlying assumptions of the Dynamic Planner Asset & Risk model, ranked against an appropriately defined peer group”

Graham Bentley, Managing Director, gbi²

What funds are eligible for ACE Rating Research?



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