What funds are eligible for ACE Rating Research?

The ACE Ratings research offers wide coverage of funds for specific financial planner needs covering three distinct categories:

  • Sector funds– for the construction of model portfolios,
  • IA Multi-Asset Funds– which includes all those we have risk profiled
  • Risk targeted– the subset of Multi-Asset funds that risk target to an asset allocation model or defined set of volatility boundaries via a family approach

We consider OEIC/unit trust funds that are listed in the Investment Association sector classification scheme within our selection criteria.

The fund universe is then screened via an independent and quantitatively engaged process in a number of ways with the intention of covering only retail focused funds.

To find out more, watch Bankhall’s Managing Director, Steve Gazzard explain why ACE Ratings are an attractive rating system for financial advisers. Alternatively download our ACE Ratings technical guide.

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