Branded customer apps

We live in an increasingly digital world and clients now often expect to access their portfolios and financial information online and on mobile.

The Dynamic Planner branded customer apps allow you to deliver your professional service across all major web and mobile platforms branded with your logo and colour scheme.

You control access and configure the level of functionality you want each client to have. A powerful, low cost way of delivering a highly professional, ongoing service.


My planning screenshot

The branded customer app provides:

  • Portfolio aggregation. Show your clients their accurate, daily valuations straight from the provider or platform across their portfolios
  • Asset allocation and risk tracking. Drill into individual products and funds and track suitability against agreed risk levels
  • Risk questionnaire. Enable clients to take a new risk questionnaire and share it with you, perhaps ahead of
    your next meeting
  • Fund selection. Give clients the ability to research and select investments from a universe of your choosing. Let them sort by criteria including risk profile prior to messaging you or your team to discuss or transact
  • Securely share documents and receive messages from clients
  • Client activity alerts and management information straight into Dynamic Planner
  • Available in the Apple App Store