Risk Profiled Investments

Risk Profiled Investments

Ensuring suitability means selecting investments or building portfolios, which are right for your client’s situation, objectives and risk profiled score.

Dynamic Planner’s investment risk profiling service is the most widely used in the industry, with our professional team risk profiling over 1,000 investments from more than 100 managers.

Almost all major retail and discretionary managers subscribe to our proven process, providing data and access to their management teams each quarter, and trusting us to review their investments independently and objectively.

Dynamic Planner’s approach to asset and risk model integrity ensures ‘apples with apples’ comparisons when comparing investor risk and investment risk; helping you to ensure investment suitability.

Our promise

To help you ensure ongoing suitability, the DT Asset and Risk Modeling Team tracks the risk of all the investments profiled on a quarterly basis, as part of our service. If anything changes with an investment product, we communicate this through the Dynamic Planner Portfolio Suitability Hub, as well as in our monthly Risk & Reward newsletter.

To access full details on individual managers’ solutions, please logon to Dynamic Planner and see the Portfolio Suitability Hub.

An increasing number of funds and portfolios are risk profiled against Dynamic Planner with the intention that they don’t change their risk. Take a look at the full list of Risk Targeted Solutions from leading asset managers.