Account opening and STP quote and apply with WealthConnect

WealthConnect 2-way integrations

The Dynamic Planner 2-way integrations ensure that what gets planned in Dynamic Planner gets placed, with no re-keying. They reduce the cost and risk of administering investment business for financial planners and make it easier to place business on your platform.

Each integration partner is committed to helping to make financial planning and practice management run more smoothly and each offers some or all of the following services providing tracking and MI on where transactions are in the pipeline:

  1. Account opening
  2. Valuations on demand or scheduled including:
  • New product discovery – when a new product is added to the platform account, Dynamic Planner adds it to the client record automatically
  • Updated product values – values are updated automatically
  • Fund level holdings – fund level data is used to keep the client’s portfolio up-to-date
  1. Illustrations / Quotations
  2. Transactions including applications, top ups, switches, transfers and rebalancing, quote and apply