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Dynamic Planner is an end-to-end, risk based, financial planning system for advice firms, combining intuitive technology with a trusted independent asset risk model. Helping advice firms ensure suitability, efficiency and demonstrate value


The difference in value at risk between profiles 3 and 7, traditionally ‘balanced’ investments can be over 10% or £20,000 on a £200,000 portfolio. Avoid redress for unsuitable outcomes.


Dynamic Planner takes what can be hours of work for an investment review and reduces it to less than 45 minutes. Firms have seen annual productivity benefits of more than £17,000 per adviser.


Insightful reporting in Dynamic Planner helps firms grow client relationships. Growing portfolio size by 10% across a bank of clients can grow fees per adviser by over £20,000 pa.

Need to reduce the time it takes to complete a client review from hours to minutes? And remotely as we work from home?

How to produce client reports in good markets and in bad with the Dynamic Planner Client Review process

What are they saying?

“Dynamic Planner is an incredible system. Had we not adopted it, it would have been a nightmare trying to work through this crisis.”

Nick RyanYellow Bear Financial Consultancy

“Dynamic Planner helps you easily demonstrate to the FCA that, as a firm, you have a framework in place for risk profiling and a consistent approach.”

Clare EdesSkerritts Chartered Financial Planners

“Before we started using Dynamic Planner, we had no centralised way of reporting to clients at their annual review. It was chaos and just a mess.”

Neil Gilbourne3R Financial Services

“The great thing about Dynamic Planner is it’s very easy to screenshare; it’s very easy to navigate; you can’t really go wrong; and the Client Review report – you can’t really undersell it.”

David OwenLifetime Connect

“Would I recommend Dynamic Planner to another firm? Absolutely. In this day and age, with regulation, I don’t think you can run your business without it.”

Dean MullalyMark Dean Wealth Management

“What Dynamic Planner does – and will do – is save me so much time. And it gives me a repeatable process, which ticks all the boxes. ”

Louise JonesIvor Jones & Co

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