Asset Allocation

Help determine suitable portfolios for your clients using Dynamic Planner to showcase a range of outcomes that could reasonably be expected for each risk profile over a given time horizon.

Dynamic Planner has been building and refining its asset allocation model since 2005 as an essential component to support its risk questionnaire. It is the engine behind the risk and reward trade-off for a client’s portfolio, driving expected returns and the risk assessment of funds and strategies.

Calculations are based on a single ‘benchmark’ asset allocation, built by our expert Asset and Risk Modelling team to provide a good return and be easily understood and replicated by advisers.

The Dynamic Planner Asset Risk Model enables you to assess any combination of asset classes, demonstrate to clients how much risk it involves and how it differs from a given risk profile ‘benchmark’ asset allocation. The model has been extended from 15 to 49 asset classes, making your analysis even more precise.

A screenshot of Asset Allocation within Dynamic Planner

Dynamic Planner has added value to my firm by helping me design suitable investment portfolios. It saves me many hours of work and adds accuracy to my portfolio design.

Milton GordonMilton Gordon and Co

Award Winning Risk Profiling

  • A 49 asset class model provides default, optimised allocations for each risk level and easy comparisons with a client’s current allocation
  • Beautifully designed risk profiling reports can be produced at the touch of a button that can be white labelled for your firm
  • iPhone and iPad app enriches face-to-face suitability discussions
  • Email client invitation enables risk profiling to be completed securely online – saving you time
Risk Profiling app on the iPad

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