Asset Managers

Dynamic Planner works closely with more than 120 asset managers, helping them enjoy exposure of their funds and models to the 6,500-plus advisers who have adopted Dynamic Planner’s investment process. Dynamic Planner provides two core services to asset managers:

Dynamic Planner available on Desktop, iPad and iPhone

Fund Risk Profiling Service

The Dynamic Planner Asset and Risk Modelling team accurately map funds/models against our Asset and Risk Model to determine their risk profile on a scale of 1 (lowest risk) to 10 (highest risk). Each fund/model’s risk profile is reviewed quarterly so advisers can be sure they are holding suitable investments in a client’s portfolio.

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Risk Target Managed Service

We offer 120 Risk Target Managed investments within Dynamic Planner – and this figure continues to grow. RTM investments are provided by leading asset managers committed to remaining within Dynamic Planner’s forward-looking risk framework. Such a commitment is crucial post-MiFID II to enable advisers to meet and exceed the regulator’s suitability requirements.

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Dynamic Planner Risk Profiled
Dynamic Planner Risk Target Managed

The No. 1 Risk Profiling Process

Provides Investor experience profiling designed to meet FCA requirements. A choice of three different length psychometric questionnaires assures a robust, auditable approach covering:

  • experience with investing
  • attitude to investment risk
  • capacity for taking investment risk

The Questionnaire

Each questionnaire designed and tested to rigorous standards

  • Plain English Crystal Marked risk descriptions
  • Value at risk assessment based on one in 20 year expected losses
  • Assessment of client’s existing portfolio risk
  • Optimised asset allocations

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Research and Recommendations