Asset Risk Model

Dynamic Planner has been building and refining its asset allocation model since its launch in 2005. It is the bedrock, underpinning its trusted risk analysis of funds and investment portfolios.

Using 2,400+ covariance correlations, our Asset Risk Model enables you and your firm to assess, with institution-level precision, any combination of asset classes or asset allocation model. You can then confidently demonstrate to a client its risk profile and further, how it differs from its respective benchmark asset allocation in Dynamic Planner.

To determine a portfolio’s suitability for a client, Dynamic Planner robustly models a range of outcomes that can be expected for its risk profile over given timeframes. Further, Asset Risk Model analysis can be viewed in 15 or, for a deeper-dive, 49 asset classes, to grant firms greater access to precision fund analysis.

Dynamic Planner has added value to my firm by helping me design suitable investment portfolios. It saves me many hours of work and adds accuracy to my portfolio design.

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MSCI: Benchmarking fund and portfolio performance

Explaining portfolio performance to a client can be a challenge – particularly when markets have been turbulent. How do you best put performance into context? And, further, in a way which is most relevant?

At Dynamic Planner, we have proudly partnered with an industry leader, MSCI [Morgan Stanley Capital International] to provide you and your firm with a range of 10, risk targeted benchmarks, which can most relevantly be adopted to measure and frame a fund and portfolio’s performance.

The 1-10 Dynamic Planner – MSCI multi-asset indexes reflect the performance of the benchmark asset allocations, respectively, for the 10 Dynamic Planner Risk Profiles. Data dates back more than 15 years to 2005, granting instant access to an extended performance period and further enabling you to ensure the suitability of solutions for a client.

You can quickly compare the performance of multiple funds over a timeframe ranging from one month right up to 10 years.

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