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Glenn Bryant

October 15, 2018

Why recommend Risk Target Managed investments for clients?

Demand for Risk Target Managed (RTM) solutions was driven originally by the then FSA’s ‘Assessing…
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Autumn Budget
October 11, 2018

7IM Dynamic Planner Wealth Portfolios One-Year Milestone

The 7IM Dynamic Planner Wealth Portfolios fund range celebrated its first anniversary this week. Over…
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David Goerz
NewsPress Release
October 4, 2018

Dynamic Planner Boosts International Expertise of Investment Committee

Dynamic Planner, the UK’s preferred digital risk profiling and asset allocation investment service, has boosted…
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Abhimanyu Chatterjee - Head of Asset Risk Modelling
NewsPress Release
October 3, 2018

Dynamic Planner names new Head of Asset and Risk Modelling

Dynamic Planner has appointed Abhi Chatterjee as its new Head of Asset and Risk Modelling.…
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Walker Crips Funds
NewsPress Release
August 29, 2018

Walker Crips adds Model Portfolios to Dynamic Planner

Walker Crips has added its ALPHA: r² model portfolios to Distribution Technology’s ‘Dynamic Planner’ platform,…
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Dynamic Planner Press and Media
NewsPress Release
July 24, 2018

Dynamic Planner announce New Business Development Director

Dynamic Planner has appointed Nick Lee as their new Director of Business Development. Nick had…
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Chris Jones Propositions Director at Dynamic Planner
NewsPress Release
July 16, 2018

Former Intrinsic Head of Investment Proposition joins Dynamic Planner

Chris Jones has joined Distribution Technology (DT) as Proposition Director for Dynamic Planner. In this…
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Trees For Life donation from Dynamic Planner
June 20, 2018

Giving Back Ahead of iO Conference Makes Us All Richer

Rather than commission just another corporate mug or notebook for June’s Conference, we decided to…
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Dynamic Planner 15 Years Fireworks
April 27, 2018

Dynamic Planner – A 15 Year History

Distribution Technology (DT) was founded in 2003 because the vast majority of investments are made…
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