AV Trinity

AV Trinity is a well-established company in Kent which has been trading for 20 years. We have 25 staff in all, which include nine advisers and three paraplanners, and the size of our assets under advice is approximately £360m. We offer clients holistic financial planning advice across all age groups.

AV Trinity offers a central investment proposition and a central retirement proposition to customers. Depending on the client segment, we recommend discretionary fund managers or risk targeted, multi-asset funds. For retirement planning, we typically recommend personal pensions.

Dynamic Planner enables us to ensure suitability in a number of ways. What we particularly like about it is the ability to clearly demonstrate to a client the impact in stochastic modelling terms of either down-risking or up-risking their investment portfolio. That process can be very powerful, because clients clearly see the impact of decisions they are considering. Dynamic Planner also allows us to clearly report a client’s capacity for loss and document their investor experience conveniently in one document.

The time savings Dynamic Planner offer are manifest in the client invites to complete the attitude to risk questionnaire before an initial meeting. What is most important is the discussion that follows completing the questionnaire with the client, so, in that sense, the client experience is better.

At AV Trinity, we are chartered financial planners and we are very proud of that fact, so client reports are not only important in terms of ensuring suitability and compliance with the FCA, but further, in terms of presentation to clients. The reports produced by Dynamic Planner give a very clear demonstration of why a risk profile has been selected, what a client’s capacity for loss is and also detail investor experience.

As a firm, we engage heavily across all major social media platforms. We believe firmly in operating on the front foot as a business and the need to embrace technology – so we see AccessAdvice as a way to promote AV Trinity’s investment proposition to new customers and potentially the grown-up children of existing clients.

I was observing one of our advisers recently talking to a client, whose children had inherited some money from grandparents. They wanted to invest that money into stocks and shares ISAs, but could not afford or justify the normal fees of an adviser. In that scenario, AccessAdvice will be hugely useful and valuable to us, because, of course, the next generation will become our staple fee-paying clients of the future.

I don’t think we could envisage our practice today without Dynamic Planner. The outcomes, from a client perspective, are just what we are looking for in the current climate and also, from another perspective, we can have confidence that we can demonstrate to the FCA our clients’ investment suitability. I would certainly recommend Dynamic Planner to a fellow financial adviser. Automated, digital advice, in one sense, is very much the way forward – and if firms don’t embrace it, they may well be missing a trick.

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AV Trinity


Cliff Patterson

“We can have confidence that we can demonstrate to the FCA our clients’ investment suitability. I would certainly recommend Dynamic Planner to fellow financial advisers”

Cliff PattersonAV Trinity

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