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Elements and the new Client Review in Dynamic Planner is excellent – and it’s only got better the more we have used it. We’re really impressed.

It’s saving us a tremendous amount of time – and I mean hours and hours per client. The problem we had before was presenting data consistently to clients, rather than the data itself, because, according to the FCA, the way you present data is as important as the data itself. It could have taken us anything from an hour right up to a whole day to produce a report for a client review before if we were making a fund switch, for example.

Elements gives us a platform and everything we need to quickly add the data, and those reviews which were taking us a day now take us about an hour. It’s absolutely fantastic. If the result of the review is to leave things as they are, which the majority of our reviews are, the time we spend now producing a report is measured in minutes – half an hour would be generous.

This has meant that smaller portfolios are now more commercially viable than they were before. The report produced also looks good and goes down well with a client when you’re sat face-to-face.

There isn’t anything close to Elements currently out there available for IFAs. Providers may say they have something and it may be very good, but of course it will only apply to their products. That doesn’t fit in, I believe, with the FCA’s consistency requirement – because if the client has three or four different solutions, they would end up with three or four different reports, which isn’t workable. They really need one report, and the FCA actually says that costs should be included in one table on one page. You can’t claim to be doing that if you give your client more than one document.

Dynamic Planner is way ahead of the pack with this. I can’t imagine why an IFA wouldn’t buy Dynamic Planner as a result.

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Yellow Bear Financial Consultancy


Nick Ryan

“Dynamic Planner is way ahead of the pack with this. I can’t imagine why an IFA wouldn’t buy Dynamic Planner as a result.”

Nick RyanYellow Bear Financial Consultancy

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