Cashflow Planning

A risk-based cashflow plan helps you test each client’s capacity for loss at the point of advice and into the future. In line with MiFID II requirements, the cashflow plan can be revisited during an annual review to check if the client’s needs have changed and to ensure that the investment strategy remains suitable.

cashflow planning, Cashflow Planning

Understanding and Forecasting Cashflow

Whether clients are considering or already in retirement or seeking advice on a defined benefit transfer, a robust and understandable cashflow plan is fundamental in helping them build an income strategy. For other clients, a good cashflow plan can help them understand how their investment strategy can be used to achieve other needs, including wealth accumulation or preservation.

The challenge is how to present a cashflow forecast that is robust and understandable by the client, that’s consistent with their risk profile and doesn’t take forever to complete.

Dynamic Planner increases your firm’s efficiency and productivity by preparing high-quality, simple-to-understand cashflow plans quickly. Client data can be automatically imported from over 25 back office systems, platforms and investment providers. Current and future income and expenditures can be recorded and compared. For clients in or close to retirement, cashflow reporting can take full account of income drawdown payments, annuities and a client’s tax status.

“Dynamic Planner plays an integral part in our risk profiling and portfolio construction process. When we were first looking at the design and make-up of that process, Dynamic Planner came out ahead of other services, because of the combination of things it offers”

Tim HarveyHR Independent

Efficient Cashflow Planning

  • Quickly build simple, clear cashflow plans that clients understand
  • Efficiently test and demonstrate the client’s capacity for loss and the range of likely returns based on the their risk profile
  • Automatically pre-populate investments in Dynamic Planner or import from over 21 back office systems, platforms and investment providers with no rekeying
  • Record a client’s current and future income and expenditures and check whether anything has changed at annual review
  • Produce beautifully designed reports that help demonstrate the value you and your firm bring to helping your client achieve their investment goals at an appropriate level of risk
  • Show the expected range of returns and losses based on assumptions consistent with a client’s risk profile
  • Create decumulation modelling, including income, drawdown, annuities and the impact of tax across multiple products
cashflow planning, Cashflow Planning

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