Cash Flow Planning

For clients considering or who are already in retirement – or for those seeking advice on a defined benefit pension transfer – a robust, understandable cash flow plan is fundamental to helping them build an income strategy.

For others, a cash flow plan helps them understand how their investment strategy can help achieve key goals, including wealth accumulation and preservation.

Dynamic Planner cash flow is robust and easily understood, consistent with a client’s risk profile and doesn’t take forever to complete. It is the UK’s original, web-based cash flow tool. Coming soon in 2020, Dynamic Planner cash flow will undergo a major upgrade, further ensuring the suitability of your advice for clients alongside the efficiency of having one system for all your firm’s financial planning needs.

What we particularly like about Dynamic Planner is the ability to clearly demonstrate to a client the impact of either down-risking or up-risking their investment portfolio. Clients clearly see the impact of decisions they are considering"

Cliff PattersonAV Trinity

Efficient Cash Flow Planning

  • Quickly build simple cash flow plans that clients clearly understand
  • Efficiently test and demonstrate a client’s capacity for loss and the range of likely returns based on their risk profile
  • Record a client’s current and future income and expenditures, and check whether anything has changed at annual review
  • Produce beautiful reports that help demonstrate the value you and your firm add, helping clients achieve their investment goals at an appropriate level of risk
  • Show the expected range of returns and losses based on assumptions consistent with a client’s risk profile
  • Create decumulation modelling, including income, drawdown, annuities and the impact of paying tax across multiple products

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