Cash Flow Modelling for Financial Planners

Cash flow brings the financial planning and advice process alive for the client – visually, in front of their eyes – enabling you to demonstrate the value you add for clients and to showcase the future impact of decisions taken.

Dynamic Planner Cash flow is quick, accurate, and consistent with your client’s and their portfolio’s risk profile. Most clients planning long-term for the future and retirement must take investment risk to generate a sustainable income. Robust cash flow modelling, using the same assumptions in place for client and portfolio risk profiling, is critical to achieving the best outcomes and avoiding potentially misleading clients and setting the wrong expectations.

From autumn 2020, a major new Dynamic Planner Cash flow upgrade is set to be launched. It will be easy to use and significantly more powerful to engage with your clients.

The Client Review in Dynamic Planner is wonderful – and with new cash flow, Dynamic Planner is going in exactly the direction we want: the ability to show to clients the impact of, ‘What if?’ scenarios

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New Dynamic Planner Cash Flow – Coming Autumn 2020

  • Simple to use. Powerful output for clients
  • Screens optimised for use with your clients live interactively, effectively increasing their engagement and helping bring the whole planning and advice process alive
  • Significant time-savings – efficiently reducing a robust, accurate cash flow plan to minutes, not hours
  • Goal-based – answers your clients’ big planning questions simply. ‘When can I retire?’ ‘How much should I be saving?’ ‘When will I run out of money?’ ‘How much income will I have in retirement?’ ‘How much risk do I need to take now?’ using our pension drawdown calculator
  • Risk-based – accurately links your client’s and their portfolio’s risk profile to cash flow planning, using the same assumptions and avoiding danger of ‘miscalibration’ in processes
  • Simple yet intuitive ‘slider’ enables you to instantly alter the plan and highlight impact, for example, of client retiring earlier, or taking a different level of risk with their portfolio
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