Cash Flow Modelling

Matching your client, their portfolio and their cash flow plan, using a single definition of risk, is vital to avoid the danger of miscalibration. Dynamic Planner seamlessly uses one definition of risk, so nothing is ever lost in translation, as a result.

Using Dynamic Planner’s new cash flow modelling tool, you can confidently bring a client’s situation vividly to life. All screens have been optimised to be used and shared live interactively, increasing your client’s understanding of the planning and advice process and deepening the relationships which sit at the heart of your business.

Our new cash flow software for financial planners robustly models risk within a portfolio, enabling you and a client to ‘Plan for this’ [what is most likely to happen in an average scenario], ‘Be pleasantly surprised by this’ [what is most likely to happen in a positive scenario] and ‘Be prepared for this’ [what is most likely to happen in a negative scenario] – powerfully supporting our market-leading risk profiling process and further testing a client’s risk tolerance.

Using Dynamic Planner, you can now produce cash flow plans in minutes – and for every client, not just a chosen few – building them into your firm’s regular client review process.

New Dynamic Planner Cash flow is designed and delivered by the UK’s leading financial planning system – with advice firms, for advice firms – combining intuitive technology you love, with an independent asset risk model you trust.

‘Of the tools we’ve seen, this is the easiest to use’

Read an independent view of new Dynamic Planner Cash flow, from The Paraplanners’, led by Richard Allum and working with advice firms for nearly two decades

“Navigation is intuitive. Screens are easy to handle. And the continuity of tools in Dynamic Planner coming together now is amazing.”

Kevin WalshHome & Finance Ltd

“I have wanted something like Dynamic Planner Cash flow to come out for a very long time… would I recommend it? 100%.”

David MillsRidgeways Financial Planning

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New Dynamic Planner Cash Flow Features

  • Seamlessly match your client’s portfolio to their Cash flow plan
  • Powerful Monte Carlo forecasts average, positive and negative return scenarios, all accurately aligned to your client’s risk profile
  • Model different scenarios for a client in one, simple click. Three levels of expenditure to choose from and plan for – ‘Must do’, ‘Like to’ and ‘Dream of’
  • Model pension withdrawal strategies, UFPLS, flexi-access drawdown and annuities
  • Model the impact of product taxation and of charges
  • Income Tax and NI calculations
  • Email clients a pre-formatted spreadsheet to complete, listing their income and expenditure. Then instantly import

Dynamic Planner Cash Flow

  • Fully integrated with Dynamic Planner’s Client Review process, enabling you to quickly update and grow plans with clients in future
  • Access and share your client data efficiently across one financial planning system, avoiding rekeying when creating new cash flows for clients
  • Adopt one system and reduce the number of tools you use and pay for
  • Beautiful, bespoke reporting. Simple to produce and easy for clients to read and understand. Personalise with your own images and firm’s branding
  • Best-in-class support. Experienced support team, on hand, to expertly guide you every step of the way
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