Catching the FinTech Wave


From risk profiling to robo-advice, the use of FinTech in financial planning is on the agenda of every financial services boardroom – whether you run an independent financial adviser, a wealth manager or a financial institution. The UK is finally reaching a tipping point as customers, advisers, government, the regulator and technology providers all align to take the industry forward into a digital future and no one wants to be left behind.

Catching the FinTech Wave is for senior executives in financial services and advice firms charged with evaluating or implementing technology for financial advice and planning. It helps you practically address the five big challenges that FinTech brings and avoid being dumped by the wave as it crashes across the industry.

Based on best practice and illustrated by more than 60 individually listed resources including the latest regulatory guidance, it shows step-by-step how to successfully catch the FinTech wave as it grows and swells and how to benefit from the vast opportunities it brings including:


    • Massively growing your firm’s productivity

    • Transforming access to your advice

    • Retaining and growing customers who will be delighted to pay your fees, and

    • Reducing your compliance risk


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     About the Author

    Ben Goss, CEO, Dynamic Planner

    As the Internet was taking off, Ben was a strategy consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers. In 1998, along with two cofounders, he left PWC, qualified as a financial adviser and founded Sort, the UK’s first online investment adviser. Today Sort would be called a robo-adviser. Sort took off, delivering regulated advice to over 1,000 people a day before selling to the largest online adviser in the US in 2000, now owned by Morningstar. Ben cofounded Distribution Technology (DT) in 2003 to apply the lessons he’d learned about how FinTech can be used to support high quality investment advice. Today DT’s digital service, Dynamic Planner, supports over 7,000 financial advisers, 120 asset managers and many billions of pounds of investment recommendations annually.

    Ben studied at Bradford University in the UK and Indiana University in the US where he was a MacArthur Foundation Scholar. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Society of Arts and is passionate about innovation and the opportunities technology brings to solving important challenges, including the financial advice gap. Ben is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and winner of the Deloitte Fast 50. He has been widely quoted in the press including The Times, The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, FT Adviser, FT Money Management, Citywire and Money Marketing and has blogged for the Huffington Post. A much requested speaker, he has spoken at numerous industry events including the UK Government’s International FinTech Conference. He writes a regular blog at