Client Onboarding

Getting up to speed with a new financial planning system is vital to ensure continuity of service to your clients, which is why we’re passionate about the training and support that we provide to new users.

As well as getting your advisers and support staff using the system quickly and efficiently, you need to be sure you can easily move clients into the new process. Dynamic Planner has been designed so it is easy for your client to understand, resulting in fewer inconsistencies in their answers to client profiling and enabling you to focus more on the advice you are giving.

Whether you are onboarding one or one hundred clients (or any number above or below), the process is made easier by the in-built functionality within Dynamic Planner. Clients can complete risk questionnaires remotely speeding up the process, and our integrations with back office systems and platforms it could not be easier to bring your client’s information into their plan. Accurately review a client’s risk profile and provide easy to understand portfolio recommendations using our quick and efficient client review process.

“When I first sit with a new client, I ask them for a gut feeling of how risk averse they are. And maybe I joke that this was the process 30 years ago! Then I say, ‘Let’s do this scientifically’ and see what risk profile you come out as, which is the beginning of a deeper conversation.”

Simon HillDenyer Insurance Consultancy

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Support and Training

Technology you can trust

  • Integrates with CRMs and Platforms means it is easy to pull client data through.
  • Includes target market functionality making it simple to align different propositions with different client cohorts
  • Easy to understand and simple client profiling – risk profile questionnaires can be completed remotely by the client,
  • Quick and easy portfolio review process – simply understand the client’s current situation.
  • Client reports take on average just 12 minutes to produce a magazine-quality client report.

“The reports you can produce look very professional and the system helps make our advice process both robust and efficient. I would certainly recommend Dynamic Planner.”

Neil BeattieCadence Financial Solutions Ltd

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Client Onboarding