Annual Investment Portfolio Reviews (Client Review)

Annual investment portfolio reviews for clients, of course, are a regulatory requirement under MiFID II. But firms have come under pressure to deliver them both efficiently and effectively, so they demonstrate the real value they add for their clients.

Reviews are being delivered against a backdrop of greater fee disclosure and more volatile portfolio performance. But what is the answer? Dynamic Planner’s Client Review process enables you and your firm to meet MiFID II requirements while dramatically reducing the time it takes to complete reviews.

The process is simpler and consistently delivers a good outcome for the client, providing everyone at your firm with a clear and repeatable framework to follow every time.

Dynamic Planner’s Client Review is built with a beautiful UX, which firms find intuitive to use. Screens are optimised to be shared live, interactively with a client, allowing you to advise and plan in real time. Our technology is cloud-based, enabling easy collaboration among colleagues and teams at your firm, whether they are logging on from the office or remotely from home.

Our Client Review was built in close partnership with advice firms, for advice firms, ensuring it is faithfully in line with how you work today. Meanwhile, our users’ ongoing ability to provide product feedback, helps us continually shape its effective evolution going forward.

The consistency, stability and the functionality of Dynamic Planner has allowed us to embrace technology more this year, with less fear – saving time, saving money and enabling us to focus more on the client.

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Quickly review a client’s portfolio

Accurately risk profiling a client’s existing portfolio can be challenging, with data often sourced from multiple places and yet demanding to be analysed consistently.

Dynamic Planner assesses the risk of a portfolio in line with all its other assumptions, so that nothing is ever lost in translation. Analysis quickly shows you where a client’s investments sit in relation to the most efficient risk and return on Dynamic Planner’s 1-10 risk scale.

If you, in agreement with your client, as a result wish to recommend changes to a portfolio, you can research potential solutions from 1,300+ risk profiled every quarter in Dynamic Planner to ensure their ongoing suitability.

Further, Dynamic Planner is integrated with leading industry back office systems, platforms and providers, to save you time and the effort of sourcing a client’s latest valuations. Integrations enable you to import a client’s information and latest holdings, without the need to rekey, direct from the source, reducing the risk of inputting errors in the process.

What do advice firms say about our client review?

Bespoke reports your clients will value

Dynamic Planner’s Client Review report enables you and your firm to demonstrate and showcase the value you add for your clients in the planning and advice process. Reports are magazine-like in quality.

  • Clear headings and simple language signpost your client through the process, underlining ‘Progress at a glance’, ‘Are you on track?’, their portfolio’s performance and next steps. Further, advice firms have found that the report’s order of contents provides them with an effective and repeatable agenda for review meetings themselves.
  • Reports are prepopulated from your work completed in Dynamic Planner and generated at the touch of a button. They can be personalised to your firm and to the client, with uploaded images and logos.
  • Everything is delivered cleanly in one, professional document and to such a high standard, smaller firms can be confident they can enjoy the polish of larger industry organisations with greater resources.

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