At Dynamic Planner, our aim is to build a real sense of community among our users.

Our events programme provides you with the training and support to maximise your use of Dynamic Planner, along with a wealth of knowledge and information to help you ensure suitability, increase efficiency and demonstrate value to your clients. Find out more and book your space on our upcoming events.

Annual Conference 2023

The Dynamic Planner Conference is back. And in style in 2023. A highlight in our profession’s calendar, it is three years since it was last staged face-to-face. There is much to discuss.

The 2023 Dynamic Planner Conference provides a rare opportunity for professionals from across financial services to get together and debate the past, present and the future. What will be the big challenges? Where are the real opportunities? On 7 February 2023, what will be the consensus?

Autumn Training Academies

This October and November, you and colleagues from your firm are warmly invited to join us on one of 12 CPD dates up and down the UK. Training Academies are free for you to attend and designed for advice professionals, whether you currently use Dynamic Planner or not. Everyone is more than welcome.

Solutions Webinars

Join senior members of our Investment Services team each quarter for a Solutions Webinar, enabling Dynamic Planner users to uniquely understand more about how we risk profile funds and what our different fund badges mean, in terms of expected volatility and client outcomes.

Risk Managed Decumulation - 6 December 2022

Risk Profiled Funds - 17 January 2023

Chatterjee’s Chatter

Join Abhimanyu Chatterjee, Chief Investment Strategist at Dynamic Planner at one of our quarterly Chatterjee’s Chatter updates.

Abhimanyu will deliver his latest quarterly insight in a packed and lively 25min talk, providing a whistle-stop markets and economic update before looking forward to what we can expect next.

Chatterjee's Chatter - 12 January 2023

Chatterjee's Chatter - 4 May 2023

Chatterjee's Chatter - 6 July 2023