Financial Planning & Wealth Management Integrations

With increasing focus today on risk management and efficiencies within firms, the need to ensure that what gets planned gets placed is increasingly important.

Rekeying is a costly exercise and one which not only reduces efficiency within your firm, but which introduces more room for human error. Dynamic Planner provides you and your firm with one end-to-end system, saving you time and reducing the cost to service clients – vital today post-MiFID II.

It is integrated with popular platforms and providers, and industry back office systems – including Intelligent Office and now Iress Xplan – enabling you to import a client’s details and latest valuations, without the need to rekey, direct from the source. An investment review process which once took many hours can now be completed in minutes

Platform Integrations

Back Office Integrations

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“The valuation integrations Dynamic Planner has with different platforms are very useful… at the click of a button, they pull through valuations as well as fund breakdowns. Long gone are the days of searching for ISIN codes to work out unit prices.”

Serena Van Der MeulenSerena Van Der Meulen Associates Ltd

Benefits of integration

  • No re-keying between platforms – saving time and reducing error
  • Recommendations made on existing policies, or for brand new policies will be saved back to your back office system
  • Reduces risk of misrepresentation
  • Improved reporting
  • Easy account opening
  • Simplifies illustrations/ quotations
  • Facilitates a range of transactions, including applications, top-ups, switches, transfers and rebalancing

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