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Dynamic Planner Research is independent and reaches the highest industry standard in whole-of-market investment analysis. We have our own in-house team of analysts and qualified investment professionals – and are proud to be trusted as the UK’s leading provider of risk analysis.

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(ACE) Asset, Consistency, Efficiency

The Dynamic Planner Fund and Portfolio Rating process uses a proven and robust methodology for investment risk profiling. At the core of this is ACE (Asset, Consistency and Efficiency) analysis, with ratings ranging from ‘Premium’ for funds with a five-year and full investment cycle track record to ‘Select’ for funds with at least a three-year track record. Premium and Select funds – of which there are approximately 280 in Dynamic Planner – demonstrate excellent value for money based on risk-adjusted returns after fees.

Premium and Select ratings are uniquely relevant for advisers who are harnessing the Dynamic Planner Asset and Risk Model – the UK’s most tried and tested such model – to power their centralised investment process. Combining an assessment of fund quality with the proven Dynamic Planner client and fund risk profiling capabilities is a major step towards achieving initial and ongoing investment suitability. That step is increasingly crucial to meet and exceed regulatory suitability requirements.

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Our fund research combines quantitative and qualitative analysis to determine the following attributes:

  • Consistency attributes – reflect how close a fund fits the underlying assumptions of the Dynamic Planner Asset and Risk Model, ranked against the appropriately defined peer group
  • Efficiency attributes – consider how well a fund has delivered risk-adjusted returns net of fees against the appropriately defined peer group

The Standard Fund Classification Scheme

The quantitative assessment process measures various aspects of fund performance with reference to a specific external index (or composite) and makes comparisons within defined peer groups. The investment fund universe can be broadly divided between single or multi-asset funds.

Single Asset Funds

These are funds which are substantially invested in a single asset type and listed in the Investment Association (IA) sector classifications, matching to one of the set of 49 current asset classes which are core to the Dynamic Planner Asset and Risk Model.

Multi-Asset Funds

Within the research process, these funds are grouped for comparison by their relevant risk profile grade as measured relative to Dynamic Planner’s 1-10 scale.

Risk Targeted Funds

Multi-asset funds, offered within a family approach of graded volatility boundaries, are considered differently to standalone conventional products within the research framework. The research ratings for these specialist, outcome-orientated funds only considers those retail focused products that are part of the Dynamic Planner Risk Target Managed (RTM) service.

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