Benefits package

We continuously review our benefits packages and ask ‘what is important to our people?’, through our Employee Focus Groups.

Some of our current benefits include:

  • Annual increasing of holiday entitlements, which reward you for your loyalty
  • Matching of pension contributions
  • Life assurance
  • Health benefit (including dentist and opticians)

We also have many voluntary benefits such as:

You can also get rewarded for recommending your friends to work here!

For more specific information on the benefits you can receive, please refer to the job specification for our upcoming roles.

Focus on the continuous development of our people

We value the fact that our people want to continue to learn, grow and develop.

We aim to provide opportunities to support this, whether this is through a secondment to a new team, involvement in a project or new technology, a formal study package or a training event. In addition during our annual review we assess what skills or training would be advantageous to ensuring personal growth.