Financial Planners

Profile, Plan & Manage; the financial planning tool Dynamic Planner helps all financial planners accurately risk profile their clients for a risk based financial plan.


Dynamic Planner helps you accurately risk profile your clients and customers as part of a risk based financial plan.

Our promise:

We are engaged in continually enhancing the accuracy and robustness of the Dynamic Planner risk profiling process. Every 3 months, our Financial Planning Advisory Board reviews the aggregated and anonymised results of the tens of thousands of risk profiles completed that quarter, analysing them against our expected metrics and benchmarks for each step in the process.


Dynamic Planner helps you ensure that the investments you select as part of a risk based plan are suitable.

Our promise:

We will ensure that investments we risk profile as part of the Dynamic Planner service meet our definition of risk, so you can confidently incorporate them into a client’s plan to ensure suitability.


Dynamic Planner helps you manage the ongoing performance and suitability of your clients’ investments.

Our promise:

We promise to help you ensure ongoing suitability by tracking the risk of all the investments we profile, as part of our service on a quarterly basis, and if the risk changes, reporting it in Dynamic Planner.