How can we deliver financial planning tools with Dynamic Planner’s API ?

More and more of your customers are going online to review their financial position to understand what action they need to take to meet their financial objectives.

Dynamic Planner has the most comprehensive set of integrated, risk based financial planning engines available in the UK today. DT now offers you access to the industry leading planning tools used within Dynamic Planner for use on your website or within your application to:

Generate new business

Use our tools to stimulate demand for your services. Let consumers ask the questions they need, and lead them to you to help with the answers:

  • Can I achieve my financial goals?
  • Am I protected if things change?
  • When can I afford to retire?

Prospect fact-find

Collect more information about your prospects in advance of an initial call or meeting:

  • What savings and investments do you have?
  • What are your goals and objectives?
  • What is your risk profile?

Tracking and reporting

Provide secure access for your customers to track progress against their goals and objectives:

  • Consolidated view of their wealth
  • Automatic valuations from over 20 platforms and providers
  • Stimulate further engagement within your service proposition

The Dynamic Planner API and Planning Engines

Use our pre-defined widgets or integrate with your bespoke application via our API (Application Programmatic Interface).

  • Utilise the existing functionality of Dynamic Planner within your own website, application, product or service
  • Highly scalable supporting small firms through to the largest providers
  • Benefit from powerful calculations and rich data services e.g. pension annuity vs drawdown, attitude to risk, investment forecasts.
  • Integrate Dynamic Planner functionality within your own user experience, create a perfect fit within your existing application and proposition
  • Centrally control configuration through Dynamic Planners robust administration screens
  • MI available to power your Business Intelligence needs
  • Integrate Dynamic Planner with your firm website (e.g. capturing client leads)

Contact our sales team to discuss the different options available today.