With increasing focus on risk management and efficiencies within a practice, the need to ensure that what gets planned gets placed is increasingly important. Re-keying is a costly exercise that reduces efficiency and introduces margin for error.

dynamic planner integrations, Implementation
dynamic planner integrations, Implementation

Integrated End to End Process

Dynamic Planner provides advice firms with a genuine end-to-end process, which saves you time and reduces the cost to service clients. Our systems integrate with over 25 leading back-office systems, platforms, and investment providers. This helps ensure that an investment review process that once took many hours can now be completed in under 50 minutes – and implementation instructions can be provided to a wide range of platforms and back offices instantly.

Benefits of integration

  • No re-keying between platforms – saving time and reducing error
  • Recommendations made on existing policies, or for brand new policies will be saved back to your back office system
  • Reduces risk of misrepresentation
  • Improved reporting
  • Easy account opening
  • Simplifies illustrations/ quotations
  • Facilitates a range of transactions, including applications, top-ups, switches, transfers and rebalancing
dynamic planner integrations, Implementation

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