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Ensuring a fund recommendation is accurately aligned to a client’s risk profile is key – so that they pursue their objectives at a level of risk they are willing and able to take. There must be a clear link from investments you recommend back to your client’s risk profile, as the regulator and FCA has voiced.

The challenge is how to evidence this effectively, while maximising the likelihood of strong, risk-adjusted returns.

At Dynamic Planner, we have our own, experienced in-house team of analysts and qualified investment professionals. They independently risk profile 1,350+ investments each quarter – from whole of market – for you to research and recommend for clients. Together, those assets represent more than £220bn, from 110+ leading asset managers, who trust us as a leading provider of risk analysis. Nobody else in the UK risk profiles more funds.

Our 1-10 fund risk profile scale [one represents the lowest level of risk and 10 the highest] runs seamlessly throughout Dynamic Planner and is perfectly aligned with all other assumptions.

Fund Research

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In Dynamic Planner, you can research and recommend from 130+ Risk Targeted investments, managed to strictly remain within a risk profile’s volatility boundaries – alongside new Risk Managed Decumulation funds, specifically designed for your clients in drawdown.

You can now also access whole of market ESG research of more than 36,000 funds. Research is independent and by a world leader in sustainable investing, MSCI. Funds receive clear, easy-to-read ratings, while, beneath that, you and your firm can dive as deep as you wish into research behind a solution’s ESG credentials.

You and your firm can build your own model portfolios, aligned to a risk profile, in Dynamic Planner to ensure investment suitability for your clients. You can also construct and manage a Centralised Investment Proposition, using whole-of-market fund shortlists, encompassing OEICs, unit trusts, investment trusts, ETFs, pension funds and DFM model portfolios, in the UK and offshore.

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