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The Investment Process

Dynamic Planner is a multi-award-winning service with a 15-year track record of success. We help you ensure investment suitability initially and on an ongoing basis. Dynamic Planner is the most widely used risk profiling and asset allocation process in the UK. It is used by thousands of advisers and paraplanners – from large networks and nationals to high quality regional and local firms and private client management firms up and down the country. A growing number of firms use Dynamic Planner internationally too.

Accurate risk profiling helps build longer, deeper relationships with clients, helping them recognise the value that you and your firm bring, and trusting you to advise on more of the things that matter to them. Accurate risk profiling results in a greater likelihood that clients will meet their long-term financial goals, but also that in a market downturn they will be comfortable with any short-term falls in value. Crucially, good risk profiling promotes compliance with FCA regulation and avoidance of regulatory sanction or client redress. At the same time, the independent, robust asset allocations created for each risk profile can help you deliver good, risk-adjusted returns to your clients.

Ensuring the suitability of a portfolio is central to the value you bring to your clients. A suitable portfolio provides a higher chance your clients will achieve the things in life that are important to them while helping them avoid the investment risks they are not willing or able to take. Efficiently and accurately completing a portfolio review is becoming more difficult as client data often has to be sourced from multiple places then analysed consistently. With Dynamic Planner, portfolio details can be uploaded automatically from over 25 back offices, platforms and providers. As suitability remains a key focus of the FCA and Europe’s MiFID II regulation, more and more firms are turning to Dynamic Planner to help them remain compliant.

Dynamic Planner’s asset allocation model was first developed in 2005 and has been continually refined and advanced ever since. It is the engine behind the risk-reward trade-off for each client’s portfolio, driving expected returns and the risk assessment of funds and strategies. Underlying investments have grown from a range of eight to 49 individual asset classes, allowing your firm to reflect risk requirements accurately and build portfolios that can deliver the returns your clients need. Benchmark asset allocations are reviewed and revised each quarter.

A risk-based cashflow plan helps you test each client’s capacity for loss at the point of advice and into the future. In line with MiFID II requirements, the cashflow plan can be revisited during an annual review to check if the client’s needs have changed and to ensure that the investment strategy remains suitable. Dynamic Planner also supports more detailed cashflow planning, enabling you to further help clients understand their future expenditure and income streams and how their financial planning may need to adapt.

Making sure that your centralised investment proposition and recommendations are consistent with your client risk profiles is key to ensuring that every client stands the best chance of achieving the investment goals that matter to them at an acceptable level of risk. Consistency is also key to ensuring investment suitability from a regulatory perspective, so that there is a clear link between the recommended investments and the client risk profile. Dynamic Planner aims to help you do this efficiently while increasing the likelihood of good risk-adjusted returns for your clients.

Demonstrating value throughout the advice and servicing process is key for successful advice firms today. With continued pressure from the regulator to reduce fees and improve transparency, firms must communicate clearly and professionally. Clients want and need to easily understand how their portfolio is invested and why. Dynamic Planner enables you to generate reports which clearly demonstrate your firm’s value and brand at the touch of a button.

Dynamic Planner provides advice firms with a genuine end-to-end process, which saves you time and reduces the cost to service clients. Our service integrate with over 25 leading back-office systems, platforms, and investment providers. This helps ensure that an investment review process that once took many hours can now be completed in under 50 minutes – and implementation instructions can be provided to a wide range of platforms and back offices instantly.

The Dynamic Planner Risk Profiler app for iPhones and iPads gives you the ability to deliver the Dynamic Planner risk profiler process offline and on the move. Branded customer apps allow you to deliver your professional services across all major web and mobile platforms branded with your logo and colour scheme. You can even deliver automated ISA advice via your website through our AccessAdvice web app.

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