Happy new year to all our users! 2018 is already off to a flying start here, with the first update to Dynamic Planner already completed. Following the updates we made to the Risk Profile Report in November 2017, in our January release we have made improvements the following reports.

  • Asset Allocation Report
  • Valuations Report
  • Investment New Money Report
  • Retirement New Money Report
  • Model Portfolio Report

We’ve focused on improving the wording, layout and content of the reports – some of the key changes have been:

  • Consistent font and formatting throughout
  • Updated wording and removal of unnecessary duplication of content
  • Clearer presentation of tabular data
  • Better spacing and layout of content
  • A more generic colour scheme, allowing you to style the reports easily for your own company

You can see a taster of the new asset allocation report below.

Did you know that you can have Dynamic Planner automatically include your firm’s logo in some reports? Get in touch with the Client Success team who will be happy to help.

We’re building up to a great February release, with changes being made to the Investor Experience and Capacity questionnaires alongside our new Attitude to Risk questionnaire. If you’d like more details on this then come along to our annual conference or get in touch with the Client Success team. The changes will be live from the evening of 31st January, so please do make sure you and your team are up to speed with the changes.

Joshua Knight

Product Manager