How do you make the past performance of a fund or portfolio feel relevant to the client and their understanding?

One common answer is the use of benchmarks. But which one should you use? Which is most credible? We now have the answer.

In 2019, Dynamic Planner’s asset and risk model was selected by industry giant MSCI [Morgan Stanley Capital International] to transform the ability of advisers and their clients to truly compare the performance and risk profile of a fund, with the UK’s first risk-based performance indexes – the MSCI multi-asset indexes: Dynamic Planner Module.

MSCI creates some of the most widely used indexes in the financial world. The new benchmarks enable you to review and research the performance of client portfolios and funds against a respective risk profile benchmark asset allocation.

The indexes are available now for free inside Dynamic Planner. Find out more.

In Dynamic Planner, you can select one of the 10 benchmarks, representing Dynamic Planner’s 10 benchmark asset allocations, on the 1-10 risk scale that runs right through the Dynamic Planner financial planning system – starting with the client’s risk profile and completing the circle of understanding.

Your portfolio value may have gone down – however, it’s gone down within the expected volatility of your agreed level of asset class risk. That conversation just got easier.

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