PFS Members: How can Dynamic Planner help?

Our Client Review process and report can really help improve your clients’ understanding – of how they are invested, how it meets their objectives and what they can expect to happen in the future.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg, because the Dynamic Planner Client Review achieves so much more. Back in 2018, we asked advice firms what was the one thing that kept them awake at night. The answer we received back was loud and clear: annual client reviews.

Firms said they wanted a review process which was quicker, easier and which delivers good client outcomes.

The Dynamic Planner Client Review dramatically cuts the time it takes to complete annual reviews, from hours to minutes – and it enables you to demonstrate your real value as an adviser in lifestyle magazine-quality reports.

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What do firms think of our Client Review?

“It’s only got better the more we have used it. We’re really impressed,” said Nick Ryan of Yellow Bear Financial Consultancy in Buckinghamshire. “It’s saving us a tremendous amount of time – and I mean hours and hours per client.”

Brighton adviser Dmitry Morgan said: “I think it’s unique and streets ahead of anything else potentially available for independent advisers. There’s nothing else out there that delivers as well for the adviser-client relationship, as well as compliance solutions.”

“The new report it produces is nice and simple and clear, and clients understand it. They like it,” said Leeds adviser Chris Miller. “It allows you, as an adviser, to tick off boxes compliance-wise, which is brilliant, because it ensures you are following a structured procedure. It’s just brilliant – I love it.”

Dynamic Planner: About us

Dynamic Planner was founded in 2003 and is the UK’s preferred risk profiling and asset allocation investment process. It is used by thousands of advisers and helps them ensure their clients’ investment suitability, increase efficiency and demonstrate value.

Dynamic Planner supports, on average, more than 2,000 financial planning sessions a day, by advisers from more than 1,800 firms, ensuring nothing is lost in translation between risk profiling a client, building a risk-based financial plan, creating an asset allocation-based investment strategy and recommending suitable investments.

We help advisers build investment propositions on whole of market research, providing access to more than 1,400 funds risk profiled each quarter from more than 120 asset managers.

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