Portfolio Review

Ensuring the suitability of a portfolio is central to the value you bring to your clients. A suitable portfolio provides a higher chance of your clients achieving what’s important to them while helping avoid risks they are not willing or able to take.

Efficiently and accurately completing a portfolio review is becoming more difficult as client data must be sourced from multiple places, then analysed consistently. With Dynamic Planner, portfolio details can be uploaded automatically from 21 back offices, platforms and providers.

As suitability remains a key focus of the FCA and Europe’s MiFID II regulation, 2019 has seen a significant enhancement to the Dynamic Planner Client Review process ensuring ongoing investment suitability.

A screenshot of the Portfolio Suitability Hub within Dynamic Planner

Ensure ongoing portfolio suitability

Dynamic Planner ensures ongoing suitability across your firm using a portfolio risk assessment that’s consistent with the client profiling process, so nothing is lost in translation. MiFID II regulation requires demonstrating suitability at least every 12 months. Massively increase your firm’s efficiency and productivity by preparing high-quality portfolio reviews in minutes, not hours. Dynamic Planner delivers and demonstrates value to your clients with beautiful, touch of a button reports helping to grow your relationships.

“The integration between Dynamic Planner and iO is hugely important. My job would be more difficult without it, because it would mean repeating work which can so easily lead to human error as well as time wasted in the day, using the integration, all client information is perfectly consistent”

Serena van der MeulenSerena Van Der Meulen Associates

What can you do

  • Assess the risk the client is taking against their target risk profile and identify which investments need work in order to align or rebalance them.
  • Produce beautifully designed reports – white labelled for your firm – which help demonstrate the value you and your practice provide in helping a client achieve their investment goals at a suitable level of risk.

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Whole of Market

Dynamic Planner uses whole-of-market FE investment feeds and provides clients with the most comprehensive and accurate investment risk profiling service in the UK, including more than 1,300 risk profiled investments from more than 120 asset managers. Wealth Portfolio reporting provides private client quality reporting on investment strategy, fund performance and investment holdings at the touch of a button.

  • Whole-of-market data feeds for all collective investments available for sale in the UK – including OEICs, investment trusts and ETFs
  • 2401 correlation model, enabling the most accurate and detailed assessment of potential risk and return of any portfolio
  • Deep dive quarterly risk profiling on funds. Accurate risk profiling using 49 asset classes
  • Risk profile against Dynamic Planner’s proprietary asset and risk model to ensure a consistent definition of risk
  • Branded web and iPad app for ongoing client servicing

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Asset Allocation

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