Purchasing new technology is a big commitment and a major investment in your business. You need to be sure that any system not only works for your firm today, but will develop to meet future requirements whilst remaining competitively priced.

Using our end to end process and single definition of risk, Dynamic Planner helps you ensure investment suitability, become significantly more efficient and demonstrate your value to your clients.

“Using Dynamic Planner, [our process is] more streamlined. We’ve been able to turn off three to four pieces of software we were using, saving between £200 and £250 per month.”

Simon DrakeBainlye Drake Wealth

Dynamic Planner provides you with one system for all your planning needs. It is efficiently integrated with 25 of the most popular platforms and industry back-offices and uses a single definition of risk throughout to avoid any risk of miscalibration. Saving you time and money whilst ensuring investment suitability for your clients.

By adopting one financial planning system, you can streamline processes and minimise the time spent internally training people on different software. You can also reduce the number of tools you pay for, and many Dynamic Planner firms report that they have saved a considerable amount on their overall technology spend as a result of using our One System.

Dynamic Planner is an intuitive system to use, while all firms who join us can access dedicated support from our expert Client Success team.

Feature Dynamic Planner Dynamic Planner
(excl. Cash flow)
Risk and Sustainability Profiling
Portfolio Review
Fund Search
Cash flow Modelling
Price: £160 (excl. VAT) £119 (excl. VAT)


A named consultant will coordinate your training and ensure the smoothest onboarding process possible. The Client Success team will continue to provide dedicated support post live.

Please note an onboarding fee of £130 (excl. VAT) will apply for the first year, per user, payable over 12 months within the monthly licence fee.

You can also call us to request a demonstration on
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