The Consumer Duty underlines your clients’ place at the heart of the advice process. Guided by existing PROD regulation, new Product and Platform Research in Dynamic Planner echoes this, putting a client front and centre.

It provides you with an unblinkered view of the market. All information, sourced directly from providers, is efficiently at your fingertips. At a firm level, you can manage your centralised propositions, segmenting your clients into defined target markets and tying your research to them to consistently deliver good outcomes.

Simplify the research process

With the advantage of working from a blank canvas, Dynamic Planner has been able to take a different approach, simplifying the research process and highlighting features which your firm can demonstrate lead to good client outcomes.

The beauty is in its simplicity. Dynamic Planner Product and Platform Research enables your firm to step back and make sense of the myriad of features available today.

Putting client benefits first

Dynamic Planner’s Product and Platform Research does not ‘score’ products or providers by the number of features they boast. Instead, it ranks them in the order of which most closely match features you select. You can view search results by product, or by provider.

First, filter by wrapper type. Then, using simple dropdowns, highlight individual preferences, like e-signatures, client portal and fund availability. You can indicate if you want specific Dynamic Planner risk profiled solutions to be available. As you highlight features, Dynamic Planner updates your search, showing you which products or providers most closely match.

Once complete and in line with PROD, save and match your research to your firm’s client target markets. In Dynamic Planner, you can group clients by age, wealth, risk and sustainability profile, and more.

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Client Profiling Review Cash Flow Research
Client Profiling Review Cash Flow Research