Research and Recommendations

Making sure that your centralised investment proposition and recommendations are consistent with your client risk profiles is key to ensuring that every client stands the best chance of achieving the investment goals that matter to them at an acceptable level of risk. Consistency is also key to ensuring investment suitability from a regulatory perspective, so that there is a clear link between the recommended investments and the client risk profile. Dynamic Planner aims to help you do this efficiently while increasing the likelihood of good risk-adjusted returns for your clients.

investment research, Research and Recommendations

Dynamic Planner Research

Dynamic Planner Research is independent and reaches the highest industry standard in whole-of-market investment analysis. We have our own in-house team of analysts and qualified investment professionals – and are proud to be trusted as the UK’s leading provider of risk analysis. Each quarter, over 1,200 multi-asset funds and portfolios from over 120 managers are carefully reviewed using latest data straight from the asset manager to provide ongoing oversight and ensure our chosen investments for risk profile remains appropriate.

Investment risk profiling: We carry out a 120-point check on each investment every quarter to ensure it continues to reflect the required characteristics for a given risk profile. Where investments show signs of moving towards a profile boundary, our qualified analysts review the investment and may interview the manager. Typically, more than 30 manager calls are made each quarter and around 10% of investments are put on watch.

Risk Target Managed investments: We offer 120 Risk Target Managed investments within Dynamic Planner – and this figure continues to grow. Investments are provided by leading asset managers committed to remaining within the model’s forward-looking risk framework. Such a commitment is crucial post-MiFID II to enable you to meet and exceed the regulator’s suitability requirements.

Investment research: We screen all funds available for sale in the UK including ‘Premium’ and ‘Select’ funds, which must respectively demonstrate at least a five-year/full market cycle or three-year track record of strong risk-adjusted returns net of fees.

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Portfolio Suitability Hub

Research investments from the whole of the market using Dynamic Planner’s Portfolio Suitability Hub, which covers comprehensive risk and performance metrics for OEICs, unit trusts, investment trusts, ETFs, pension funds and DFM model portfolios, both in the UK and offshore.

You can then produce comprehensive investment comparison reports that meet and exceed current compliance requirements. Save using multiple systems and compare up to 10 funds or benchmarks, with both cumulative and discrete performance figures, including OCFs, across any time period in Dynamic Planner.

Trusted Asset Allocation

Construct and manage your centralised investment proposition using whole-of-market shortlists, panels and advised or discretionary model portfolios. Select Risk Target Managed funds and portfolios designed to remain steadily aligned with your client’s Dynamic Planner risk profile. Choose ‘Select’ single-strategy investments that have been highly-rated for consistently delivering strong, risk-adjusted returns against 49 Dynamic Planner defined asset classes.

“Dynamic Planner has added value to the firm, in terms of ensuring suitability, by helping me design investment portfolios. In terms of efficiency, it saves me many hours of work and adds accuracy to my portfolio design”

Milton GordonMilton Gordon and Co

“When we previously did a client review it was taking us between five and six hours per client. Now, using Dynamic Planner, it takes us 45 minutes.”

David OwenLifetime Connect

“It is straightforward to use and I really like the reports it produces for clients, which illustrate things like the efficient frontier and where a client’s portfolio currently sits, and where it will potentially sit following your recommendation”

Catherine MorganEssendon Financial Planning

“Dynamic Planner plays an integral part in our risk-profiling and portfolio construction process. When we were first looking at the design and make-up of that process, Dynamic Planner came out ahead of other services, because of the combination of things it offers”

Tim HarveyHR Independent

Increase Your Efficiency and Productivity

Increase your firm’s efficiency and productivity by building portfolios and recommendations within Dynamic Planner, avoiding the need for re-keying information. Dynamic Planner allows you to deliver and demonstrate value to your clients through investment strategy reports, which help ensure suitability and can be used at annual review to retain and grow your relationships.

Investment Proposition Consultancy

  • Centralised investment proposition creation for your firm, including research lists and investment panels
  • Regularly updated advised model portfolios, offering a range of risk profiles and investment objectives
  • Portfolio assurance – regular assessment of model portfolios constructed by your firm

Wealth Portfolio Services

Leading asset managers Schroders and Seven Investment Management (7IM) have partnered with Dynamic Planner to provide advisers with high quality, independent Wealth Portfolio Services that support the Dynamic Planner investment process. The Wealth Portfolios are available as funds and provide a depth of reporting usually only available to discretionary portfolio clients. Each portfolio has very competitive ongoing charges, which help you manage your clients’ total costs.

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investment research, Research and Recommendations
investment research, Research and Recommendations

1,200 Funds Reviewed Quarterly

Dynamic Planner has a 15-year track record of helping advisers create appropriate investment portfolios for their clients, providing the widest selection of independently risk-profiled investments. More than 1,200 multi-asset funds and portfolios are reviewed quarterly by our expert investment team to ensure accurate risk profiling. We also offer the widest selection of risk targeted investments, each designed to stay within clear risk parameters. There is no re-keying – automatically build portfolios and recommendations from arrangements already within Dynamic Planner.

Research and Recommendations Highlights

  • Portfolio Suitability Hub enables investments to be assessed from across the whole market
  • Quarterly recommended model portfolio changes show asset allocation ‘before’ and ‘after’
  • Investment suitability reports provide audit trail for selection of recommended investments
  • More than 1,200 investments independently profiled each quarter
  • Widest selection of risk targeted investments in the market
  • Single strategy funds researched against risk-adjusted returns
  • Portfolio construction and monitoring to ensure client’s target risk profile and/or asset allocation are met

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