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Below, download PDFs for insight and analysis your firm can share with your clients. The Dynamic Planner Content Hub is here to support your firm as you address different topics and scenarios, and also as you reassure your clients during unsettling periods of market volatility.

Content can be most valuable when volatility is most acute and naturally when your clients’ concerns, about any short-term fall in the value of their pensions and investments, are greatest.

Checklist: Key things to remember for low, medium and high risk profile clients

Use this checklist in conversations with your clients to guide you on what to focus on for high, medium or low risk clients.

The value of remaining invested over time

Use this document in conversations with your clients to reassure them of the value of continuing to stay invested through market volatility.

The value of a relevant benchmark to measure fund & portfolio performance

How long do I have to wait? The temptation to try and time the market can be difficult to resist in volatile markets…

How our emotions can lead us to make bad decisions

As individuals, we each have a unique approach to investing. Yet many of us are not aware of how our behaviour can affect our financial goals…

How emotional wellbeing can help us make good decisions

It is important that we allow ourselves to flourish first (obtain high levels of well-being) to remove fear of how our investments will flourish…

The benefits of diversification

This guide shows the benefits of diversification for investors, by looking back at asset performance over time

Understanding the impact of currency risk

Exposure to foreign exchange movements goes with the territory, read this guide to understand the impact of currency risk

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