Join us on for a webinar on Wednesday 26 August at 09:15am on how we incorporate the latest in psychometric thinking from leading academics at Henley Business School into our risk profiling and how risk profiling fits into today’s wider financial planning and advice process.

Risk Profiling

Accurate and robust risk profiling of your clients has arguably never been more important – both from a suitability and, hand in hand, a compliance perspective. It is, of course, pivotal in the wider financial planning and advice process that people invest at a level of risk that they are willing and able to take.

Dynamic Planner has been trusted by firms for more than 17 years as the industry’s leading and benchmark psychometric questionnaire process, risk profiling more than a million end clients.

A comprehensive and consistent framework – encompassing attitude to risk, capacity for risk and investing experience – helps build trust in your client relationships, while a clear understanding of your clients’ risk profile is, of course, paramount in enabling them to achieve their overall objectives.

The Dynamic Planner Risk Profiling process is also now available with new and improved screens, optimised for use on all your devices, including mobile and tablet. You can quickly create a beautiful, bespoke Risk Profile Report, branded with your firm’s logo and own choice of imagery. Plus, report content is easily personalised to the client using simple formatting options.

Week commencing 28th September 2020 our training academies will focus on risk profiling and the mediums, methodology and client behavioural traits behind Dynamic Planner’s process, which has supported more than one million end clients post-2013. Register now.

Dynamic Planner brings the whole conversation around risk alive and makes it feel more real for the client. They can see their investments at a risk level - ‘Plan for this’, ‘Be prepared for this’, ‘Be pleasantly surprised by this’.

Jack IgglesdenRadcliffe & Co

Market-leading process

  • Securely email clients an invitation to complete questionnaires prior to a meeting – allowing you to focus subsequent discussion on suitability and also complete process remotely, as thousands of firms have done during lockdown in 2020
  • Questionnaires created in partnership with leading academics from Henley Business School, incorporating the latest and ongoing research in the field of psychometrics
  • Questions easier for your clients to understand and throw up significantly fewer inconsistencies in their answers
  • Clearly align an agreed client risk profile with the risk profile of 1,400+ potential investment solutions

Latest academic thinking

We take pride at Dynamic Planner that our in-house team together have many years of financial planning, actuarial and investment management experience. But we haven’t stopped there. We also collaborate and work closely externally with leading academics from the ICMA Centre at Henley Business School, to incorporate the latest research and thinking in psychometrics into our questionnaires.

In September 2019, we extended our relationship with Henley Business School to launch a two-year study into how people – your clients – feel when the value of their investment portfolios drop sharply. How can we help prevent end clients making potentially damaging decisions in those scenarios? Indeed, we have already begun to report our early study findings.

Dynamic Planner working with Henley Business School

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