Risk Profiling

Dynamic Planner has been trusted in the UK for more than 17 years as the preferred psychometric risk profiling methodology, used by thousands of advisers and paraplanners to understand the financial risk a person is willing and able to take.

Having helped thousands of advisers, over many years, understand the risk profile of their clients, we know how important accurate risk profiling is in building longer, deeper relationships. A thorough, structured conversation about financial risk with your client helps build trust in your relationship and a good understanding of your client’s risk profile is paramount to enabling them to achieve their goals.

The Dynamic Planner Risk Profiling service is now available in 2020 with new and improved screens, as part of a rolling programme of significant upgrades – optimised for use on all of your devices, including mobile and tablet. You can quickly create a beautiful, bespoke Risk Profile Report, branded with your firm’s logo and your own choice of imagery. Plus, report content can be personalised to your client using simple formatting options.

Dynamic Planner allows us to match an agreed risk profile with a suitable investment. That, in a nutshell, is what Dynamic Planner does and where the value it adds lies"

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Award Winning Risk Profiling

  • A 49 asset class model provides default, optimised allocations for each risk level and easy comparisons with a client’s current allocation
  • Beautifully designed risk profiling reports can be produced at the touch of a button and white labelled for your firm
  • iPhone and iPad app enriches face-to-face suitability discussions
  • Client email invitation enables risk profiling process to be completed by securely prior to a meeting – saving time

Our Proven Model

No other risk profiling service can compare with the market-leading experience Dynamic Planner offers. Our in-house team together have many years of financial planning, actuarial and investment management experience to bring to bear. We also work with leading academics from the International Capital Market Association Centre at Henley Business School to incorporate the latest research and psychometric thinking. The Dynamic Planner Investment Committee reviews asset allocations and model assumptions quarterly and includes independent experts from academia and industry.

The Dynamic Planner proprietary asset allocation model has a proven track record of delivering against risk profiles. The target allocations are designed to optimise risk-adjusted returns for each risk profile and deliver within a range of expected returns and losses.

Dynamic Planner working with Henley Business School
Dynamic Planner working with the International Capital Market Association Centre

The No. 1 Risk Profiling Process

Investor experience profiling designed to meet FCA requirements. Choice of three different length psychometric questionnaires with a robust, auditable approach covering:


  • Experience with investing
  • Attitude to investment risk
  • Capacity for taking investment risk

The Questionnaire

Each questionnaire is designed and tested to rigorous standards.


  • Plain English Crystal Marked risk descriptions
  • Value at risk assessment based on one in 20 year expected losses
  • Assessment of client’s existing portfolio risk
  • Optimised asset allocations

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