Risk Profiling

Accurately risk profiling your client has never been so vital, ensuring the risk they take with their investments is at a level they’re willing and able to.

No other risk profiling process can compare with the market-leading experience of Dynamic Planner, which post-2013 has successfully supported more than one million clients. Questionnaires comprehensively cover your client’s attitude to risk, their capacity for risk and their investor experience.

We collaborate closely with leading academics from Henley Business School to incorporate new research and psychometric thinking into our risk profiling questionnaires.

Email clients an invite to complete the questionnaires on their own prior to a meeting, share screens or complete face to face as part of a hybrid financial planning process.

Risk profiling process

  • Risk Profiling Questionnaires cover a client’s Attitude to Risk, Capacity for Risk and Investor Experience
  • Easy questions for your client to understand, resulting in fewer inconsistencies in their answers
  • Email clients a link to complete questionnaires on their own, remotely
  • Accurately agree a final risk profile with your client. Then match it to one of 1,350+ risk profiled funds – including 120+ risk targeted investments, designed to remain at a set risk level

Dynamic Planner brings the whole conversation around risk alive and makes it feel more real for the client. They can see their investments at a risk level - ‘Plan for this’, ‘Be prepared for this’, ‘Be pleasantly surprised by this’.

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How does our Attitude to Risk questionnaire work?

First and foremost, it poses a question itself, ‘What are we measuring here?’ Answer: your client’s attitude to investment risk, which it breaks down into three parts: attitude to risk regarding financial gains; attitude to risk regarding losses; and finally, attitude to risk regarding the context of decisions reached.

How do those different elements together frame a client’s overall attitude to risk? Our questionnaire considers what can be termed drivers, constrainers and enablers, in relation to someone’s motivation to either take risk or feel inhibited when taking risk. It further accounts for someone’s different attitude structures and how people use them to make an evaluation. What are structures built on: logic, emotion or on observations / interactions from past experiences?

Our questionnaire encompasses all of this. Prior to launch in early 2018, it was robustly tested using a large population set. Focus groups were also employed to help shape ultimately what you and your clients see when they begin the risk profiling process in Dynamic Planner today.

Want to know more about why we use a psychometric risk profiling questionnaire?

Watch this 45min recorded session hosted by Louis Williams, Head of Psychology and Behavioural Insights at Dynamic Planner encompassing how risk profiling fits into today’s wider financial planning and advice process.

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Want to see what Dynamic Planner can do for you?

Schedule a free no-obligation demo with a business consultant and see what Dynamic Planner can do for you.

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Risk Profiling Review Cash Flow Research
Risk Profiling Review Cash Flow Research