Since 2011 and the FSA’s (now FCA’s) Finalised Guidance on Suitability more and more firms have turned to Dynamic Planner’s investment process to enable them to meet and exceed the Regulator’s suitability requirements.

A diagram representing the value at risk for a balanced investor with a £200,000 portfolio

The Dynamic Planner process, proven over 17 years, reduces the likelihood of redress through inaccurate risk profiling. The difference in value at risk between profiles 3 and 7, traditionally ‘balanced’ investments can be over 10% or £20,000 on a £200,000 portfolio. Avoid redress for unsuitable outcomes.

Tried and Tested

Dynamic Planner has at its heart one of the most tried and tested risk-profiling and asset allocation model in the UK. Understanding how much an investor is willing or able to lose remains the most important part of any investment process. Defining this risk profile correctly has far-reaching implications for every investor. So Dynamic Planner has developed the most widely used process through which to uncover key information. Through psychometric risk profiling we can accurately measure an investor’s level of investment experience, capacity for loss and attitude to risk.

“If the FCA walked in the door today and asked us what we are offering clients for our ongoing charges, we would be absolutely confident that what Dynamic Planner helps us deliver is robust, deliverable and consistent”

Tim HarveyHR Independent

Widely used process

Created in 2005, our asset and risk model has now developed into a widely adopted investment process. In the past, Modern Portfolio Theory was only applied to institutional pension funds. Today, Dynamic Planner’s industry-renowned asset and risk modelling team have made this science widely available to all financial planners in order to build portfolios that efficiently harness investment risk in order to achieve clients’ investment goals.

“Dynamic Planner has added value to the firm, in terms of ensuring suitability, by helping me design investment portfolios. In terms of efficiency, it saves me many hours of work and adds accuracy to my portfolio design”

Milton GordonMilton Gordon and Co

Ensuring Suitability

High-quality investment advice is ultimately about helping your clients achieve what’s important to them at a level of investment risk that they are willing and able to take. Get this right and relationships are more likely to stay and flourish. Get it wrong and the risks of regulatory sanction and client redress are potentially significant.

Quite simply, accurate risk profiling of clients is the cornerstone of a thriving and successful advice business – especially now that firms are reliant on ongoing adviser fees for their core revenue. By putting Dynamic Planner at the heart of your business, you can be confident that the initial and ongoing suitability of investments for each client is being rigorously and regularly assessed and properly recorded.

“Because it is recognised so widely within the industry, we know that by using Dynamic Planner’s attitude to risk questionnaire we are asking all the right questions; we know we are not missing anything”

Jackie MillsChase Buckingham

Dynamic Planner helps you ensure investment suitability

  • Helps you accurately risk profile your customer as part of a risk-based plan including their attitude to risk, their experience and capacity to take risk
  • Ensures investments profiled in the service are categorised using a consistent definition of risk – which you can then use with your clients to make sure nothing gets lost in translation
  • Tracks the risk of investments to ensure their ongoing suitability – giving you and your clients peace of mind
Dynamic Planner available on Desktop, iPad and iPhone

Driving Efficiency with Dynamic Planner


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