Technology can be a great enabler, and when used effectively can massively increase productivity and efficiency in a business.

However, implementing new tech into a firm is a big commitment and can be a daunting challenge, particularly when advisers and support staff are working more remotely.

Dynamic Planner is built with advisers, for advisers. It’s intuitive and easy-to-use, with an onboarding and training programme that helps all new users to make the most of the full functionality of the system within a matter of weeks.

“Dynamic Planner is intuitive to use. We took on a new team member recently and in only two weeks, she was able to help me with annual reviews for clients. Straightforward for her and stress-free for me.”

Simon DrakeBainlye Drake Wealth

Our onboarding process

Upon joining, all new users are allocated a named contact in our experienced Client Success team, who will provide a schedule of onboarding webinars. These sessions run each month, which breaks your implementation down into small, manageable objectives and means in just a few short weeks your entire firm can be fully up to speed with all of the main functionality in Dynamic Planner.

At the heart of Dynamic Planner is intuitive technology which is easy to use and learn. To aid you, short videos – mirroring where you are in the system – can be viewed at the click of a button, offering quick guidance, while longer video tutorials can be watched around the clock, on-demand to provide more detailed knowledge. Bespoke training sessions for your firm – delivered remotely by our Client Success team – are also available.

Want to see what Dynamic Planner can do for you?

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Someone to turn to

We provide ongoing training and support to refresh your knowledge and ensure you are up to speed with all the latest system enhancements.

Helping you to ensure:

  • Your team is able to quickly get up to speed with a new system
  • You can you help your advisers and support staff to use technology in the most efficient way
  • You can deliver the very best experience for your clients

The base of all knowledge 

The Dynamic Planner Knowledge Base is a one-stop shop for all your support needs. Accessible via Dynamic Planner, and top of every page, it is populated with 100s of articles to help you use the service.

You can also usefully provide feedback on the Knowledge Base and vote on service enhancement ideas that other users have proposed – both of which are monitored in real time by our Dynamic Planner Product Management Team.

Planning with Peers 

Being part of the exclusive Financial Planning Peer Group allows you to meet once every six months, taking a deep dive into the service, with senior executives from the Dynamic Planner team. Access can be granted to Dynamic Planner users, who learn from peers, comment uniquely on new product features and enhancements, and hear about the latest technology to future proof their businesses.

Live Training Webinars

Become an excellent Dynamic Planner by joining the Client Success training webinars. Dynamic Planner provides dedicated training sessions, covering the breadth of functionality found within the service. These regular online training sessions are available as part of your Dynamic Planner licence.

  • Client Profiling with Dynamic Planner
  • Client Review, Recommendations and Fund Research with Dynamic Planner
  • Cash Flow planning with Dynamic Planner
  • Dynamic Planner journey
  • Monthly updates
  • Investment and Retirement Planning (old Dynamic Planner)
  • Practice Management and Apps (old Dynamic Planner)

* These webinars are designed for direct clients of Dynamic Planner. If you receive access to Dynamic Planner via another organisation they may offer their own custom training.

Session Title Description Time Sign-up link
Client Profiling
  • Using the new system, we show you how to:
  • Import client responses to risk questionnaires.
  • Select and review answers to risk questionnaires.
  • Add notes to capture details of any discussions around Investor Experience, Attitude to Risk, Capacity for Risk, and deviating from recommended risk rating.
  • Demonstrate potential losses and gains over a time frame.
  • Show benchmark asset allocation.
  • Take you through our new Sustainability questionnaire and where to find the editable PDF version.
  • How to produce a Client Profiling report and tailor it for your firm and client.
09:30 – 10:30 Register here
Session Title Description Time Sign-up link
Client Review,
and Fund Research
Using the latest version of the system, we show you how to:

  • Add details of client’s full arrangements, including Provider, fund details, start and end valuations, withdrawals, and contributions
  • Add in current and target risk profile
  • Complete the risk questionnaire as part of the review process
  • Capture client objectives
  • Show the effect of adviser and platform charges
  • Carry out fund analysis to show where the portfolio invests
  • Document the recommended outcome
  • Carry out a Recommendations process using the Client Review information
  • Choose new funds to switch to or rebalance
  • Compare performance between old and new funds and / or portfolio
  • Produce reports for Client Review and Recommendations, and how to tailor for your firm and client
  • Search for funds using the Research Hub
14:30 – 15:30 Register here
Session Title Description   Sign-up link
Cash flow planning Using the latest version of the system, we show you how to:

  • Add and review client arrangements
  • Capture details of income and expenditure
  • Link details to life phases to see the impact
  • Capture disinvestment order
  • Review how long portfolio projected to last
  • Document next steps
  • Produce a client-facing Cash Flow report tailored for your firm and client
  • Carry out a joint cash flow plan
  • Input Defined Benefit plans
  • Factor in school and university fees
10:00 – 11:30 Register here
Session Title Description   Sign-up link
Monthly updates We show you:

  • Latest enhancements
    ‘How to’ scenarios, covering commonly asked questions
10:00 – 10:30 Register here
Session Title Description   Sign-up link
and Retirement
Using the ‘old’ version of the system, we show you how to:

  • Add in your client’s existing investments
  • Analyse your client’s current investments
  • Carry out a recommendation on your client’s existing investments
  • Analyse the forecast chart and set financial objectives
10:00 – 11:00 Register here

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