Enabling you to respond to increasing demand to talk about sustainability, record preferences and recommend portfolios.

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With so many eyes on COP26 and Glasgow, visit our Sustainability Hub and learn more about how to capture a client’s preferences concerning sustainable investing – before accurately aligning them to solutions in their portfolio. View on-demand content from our events discussing these issues. Read expert analysis and opinion. And hear perspectives from leading asset managers.

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Sustainable investing is an exciting innovation. Over the last two years, it has shifted from the margins to the forefront of portfolio construction. The adviser community is now uniquely positioned to help match people to sustainable portfolios through engaging financial plans.

But where do you begin? How do you find time to complete fund research you are satisfied with on sustainable investing? How can you trust information you find isn’t subjective or guilty of greenwashing? And how do you effectively capture a client’s preferences, giving your conversations a great starting point?

Sustainable Investing Questionnaire

Having a repeatable conversation with clients about sustainable investing can be complex. And regulation is expected here. To help you address this, Dynamic Planner now includes a new sustainability questionnaire, helping frame your conversations with clients.

  • Set of 15 questions, constructed using robust, psychometric techniques and enabling you to assess your client’s sustainability preferences across a wide range of motivating factors.
  • Consistent experience for clients across all client profiling
  • Simple, easy to understand language
  • Solid base from which to have deeper conversations on your clients’ sustainability preferences

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Whole of market ESG research – All in one place

In Dynamic Planner, you can access independent, whole of market ESG research of more than 36,000 funds, all in one place, saving you time and the hassle of sourcing it from multiple places. It is objective and rigorously completed by a 200-strong team of analysts at MSCI, a pioneer and world leader in ESG.

MSCI’s research analyses a solution’s underlying holdings in relation to risks and opportunities regarding environmental, social and governance factors. Analysis allows you to quickly add value for your clients, enriching and informing your conversations and ultimately, helping you accurately match clients and their individual preferences with suitable sustainable investments.

Clear, consistent ratings you can trust

Investments receive a clear ‘ESG Rating’, allowing you to intuitively and fairly compare funds like for like. Further, solutions also receive easy-to-read scores, ranking them comparatively within their fund peer group and against all other 36,000 funds included within MSCI’s research.

Beneath those headline ratings, analysis allows you to dive as deep as you and your client wish into a fund’s ESG credentials. Analysis is updated quarterly, so you can trust you have latest data to hand. And if you are already a Dynamic Planner user, you can begin adopting the research today at no extra cost.

Powerful. Easy to use. Trusted by more than 6,500 advisers. Dynamic Planner is the one financial planning system you need to ensure investment suitability, increase efficiency and demonstrate value to your clients. Click on the hexagons below to find out more.

Client Profiling Review Cash Flow Research
Client Profiling Review Cash Flow Research