Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing is an incredibly exciting innovation. Over the last two years, it has shifted from the margins to the forefront of portfolio construction. The adviser community is now uniquely positioned to help match people to sustainable portfolios through engaging financial plans.

But just where do you begin? How do you find time to complete accurate fund research on sustainable investing? How do you know the information you find isn’t subjective or greenwashed? How can you compare funds fairly, using a consistent measure?

Whole of market ESG research – All in one place

In Dynamic Planner, you can now access independent, whole of market ESG research of more than 36,000 funds. All in one place, saving you the time and hassle of looking in different places. It is objective and rigorously completed by a 200-strong team of analysts at MSCI, a world leader in the field.

MSCI’s ESG research analyses a solution’s underlying holdings in relation to risks and opportunities on environmental, social and governance factors.

The analysis allows you to quickly add value for clients regarding sustainable investing, enriching and informing your conversations and ultimately, helping you accurately match your client and their individual preferences with suitable sustainable investments.

Clear, consistent ratings you can trust

Each investment has an ESG rating allowing you to fairly compare funds like for like. Solutions also receive easy-to-read scores, ranking them comparatively within their fund peer group and against all other 36,000 investments included within MSCI’s research.

Beneath that headline rating, analysis allows you to dive as deep as you and your client wish into a fund’s ESG credentials. They are updated quarterly, so you can trust you have the latest data to hand. And if you are already a Dynamic Planner user, begin using the research today at no extra cost.

How do I complete ESG fund research in Dynamic Planner?

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