Wealth Portfolio Services

A growing number of advisory firms are outsourcing fund selection to packaged multi-asset solutions that are risk targeted.

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Why Risk Targeted Multi-Asset Solutions?

  • Helps to meet the regulatory requirement to continuously monitor client portfolios and make sure the level of risk is suitable for the customer mandate
  • The increased adoption of a centralised investment process (CIP) for defined client segments demands greater consistency of outcomes
  • MiFID II regulation has raised investor protection and ongoing suitability requirements, which has had a major impact on discretionary portfolio management
  • The scale of fund research overheads is making in-house portfolio construction financially unviable for many adviser firms
  • Studies suggest that asset allocation decisions are responsible for more than 90% of the variation in returns from a portfolio. However, low interest rates and ongoing monetary stimulus make the construction of diversified and risk-aligned portfolios ever more challenging and complex

Our Asset Management Partner

We have partnered with leading asset manager Schroders to create a range of co-branded and risk-targeted Wealth Portfolios. Each Wealth Portfolio provides advisers with a high quality, independent fund solution that’s fully integrated with the Dynamic Planner investment process.

The co-branding of the funds reflects Dynamic Planner’s close involvement in their manufacture and oversight. A representative from Dynamic Planner’s Asset & Risk Modelling team sits on Schroders’ investment committee, monitoring each portfolio’s risk profile and performance to ensure investment suitability is maintained.

Wealth Portfolios have been specifically designed to align with the Dynamic Planner risk profile framework, which the fund management teams report against. Each portfolio provides high-quality, discretionary portfolio management-style reporting, but also has highly competitive ongoing costs, helping you manage total costs for your clients.

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