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Dynamic Planner is a multi-award-winning service with a 15-year track record of success. We help you ensure investment suitability initially and on an ongoing basis. It is the most widely used risk profiling process in the UK, with thousands of advisers licensed from large networks and nationals to high quality regional and local firms. More than 900,000 clients have been profiled using Dynamic Planner in the last five years alone.

“Dynamic Planner has added value to the firm, in terms of ensuring suitability, by helping me design investment portfolios. In terms of efficiency, it saves me many hours of work and adds accuracy to my portfolio design”

Milton GordonMilton Gordon and Co
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“It is straightforward to use and I really like the reports it produces for clients, which illustrate things like the efficient frontier and where a client’s portfolio currently sits, and where it will potentially sit following your recommendation”

Catherine MorganEssendon Financial Planning
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“Dynamic Planner plays an integral part in our first meeting with clients, the iPad app is great and we typically use that with a client interactively”

Lee WatersBarwells Wealth
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“Dynamic Planner is instrumental to our investment proposition, I would have no hesitation in recommending it”

John McMahonAdvantage Wealth Management Ltd
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“When we, as a firm, risk profile new clients – and regardless of where they sit on the scale, be it a 3, 4, 5 or 6 – we know that the investment we are recommending has been carefully mapped by Dynamic Planner”

Tom OrchardAnnetts and Orchard
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“Dynamic Planner plays an integral part in that process and when we were first looking at the design and make-up of that process Dynamic Planner came out ahead of other services, because of the combination of things it offers”

Tim HarveyHR Independent
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“We can have confidence that we can demonstrate to the FCA our clients’ investment suitability. I would certainly recommend Dynamic Planner to fellow financial advisers”

Cliff PattersonAV Trinity
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“One of the benefits of Dynamic Planner is that I can easily get portfolios objectively risk rated, something that I was beginning to get concerned about as the new business grew. I needed to find ways to keep moving forward compliantly”

Jan OliffJan Oliff Financial Planning
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“Dynamic Planner makes life more simple, in short. It means we don’t have to complete lots and lots of fund research because Dynamic Planner has already done it for us”

Louise JonesIvor Jones and Co
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“Because it is recognised so widely within the industry, we know that by using Dynamic Planner’s attitude to risk questionnaire we are asking all the right questions; we know we are not missing anything”

Jackie MillsChase Buckingham
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