Marshwood Financial Services

We are currently using Elements and the new Client Review in Dynamic Planner to produce much more user-friendly data for annual reviews. We are now able to use the software in an interactive way with clients, making the process much more engaging.

The reports themselves have been received well. Clients like them. They just make it so much easier to highlight and illustrate the thought process and research behind fund selection.

For example, if you are sitting with a client and looking at the ‘efficient frontier’ within the analysis section, you are able to easily show the different risk levels which individual contracts (and the funds themselves) are exhibiting. You can easily, clearly and quickly show how a portfolio is well diversified at different risk levels. As an adviser I am finding this new enhancement useful and the clients themselves are finding that analysis really interesting and engaging.

The report produced by the new Client Review is very useful as a starting point for conversations with clients about fund selection, risk and also includes portfolio performance.

It definitely saves me time now and hopefully in future it will save me significant amounts of time. The information that you are able to extract from Elements is significantly more usable and better than has been previously available.

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Marshwood Financial Services


Martin Allsop

“The reports themselves have been received well, clients like them. They make it so much easier to illustrate the thought process and research behind fund selection.”

Martin AllsopMarshwood Financial Services

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