Client Access

Engaging customers with their financial plan has long been a problem in our industry. Yet those of you with the strongest customer relationships win. We know you have decades of experience doing this in a face to face world, but now we have gone hybrid, how can you use technology to drive deeper customer relationships?

Dynamic Planner has the answer with the new ‘Client Access’. It empowers a customer to complete the risk and sustainability profiling questionnaires remotely, introducing a fresh touchpoint with your firm. Mobile-friendly screens can be tailored to your firm’s brand colours, showing your firm’s logo and the adviser’s picture, which your customer recognises and trusts. The beautiful new UX has been designed exclusively with the end customer in mind. Say goodbye to boring fact finds and welcome truly engaging technology.

Simple language and short videos delight your customer at every step, echoing regulatory guidance to communicate clearly with investors. You can choose which questionnaires you want an investor to complete before editing the copy they receive in an email. Click ‘Send’ and that part of the process is done. No need to print or post anything; no need to jump out of Dynamic Planner and manually attach files in your own email; no need to manually input answers.

Watch how Ben Goss introduced our new Client Access at our 2022 Annual Conference

Screens are optimised whichever device a customer uses, so their experience always looks and feels good. Upon completing the questionnaires, you have the option to allow a customer to see their provisional risk and sustainability profile – while any inconsistencies in their answers are flagged, so you know to pick up when you next chat.

Once the customer has completed the process, you receive an email notifying you. Then in Dynamic Planner, click on their latest set of answers and they automatically appear. No rekeying. Simple. And efficient.

Client Access is available in Dynamic Planner, helping you engage with your customers and deliver the flexible experience people expect today – built by the experts behind the UK’s number one risk and sustainability profiling process.

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