Dynamic Planner is proud of its strong culture and clear set of environmental values and practices. We take responsibility for the impact we have on the local and global environment. As a business we are committed to reducing our environmental impact in four key areas:

Efficient Use of Resources

  • Reduce consumption of materials by only printing where absolutely necessary and through re-use rather than disposal of other materials wherever practical. Where disposal is unavoidable, Dynamic Planner seeks to recycle whatever we can.
  • Where possible, Dynamic Planner use suppliers who will collect spent materials (e.g. cartridges) for recycling.

Reducing Emissions of Greenhouse Gases and Other Air Pollutants Per Employee

  • Identify operations that use significant amounts of energy with a view to reducing consumption.
  • Ensure that computers and screens are turned off at the end of each working day rather than hibernating. Ensure that all lights, air conditioning and heating are only used when necessary, and turned off when not.
  • Review staff travelling arrangements with a view to promoting car-sharing, use of public transport, cycling and working from home where practical.

Work with Others to Reduce Net Environmental Impact

  • Work to conserve wild habitats through a programme of tree planting with Scottish conservation charity Trees for Life.
  • Consider environmental issues when procuring resources and services from external suppliers.
  • Assess the environmental impact of all current and likely future operations, and fully integrate environmental considerations and objectives into business decisions
  • Meet or exceed all environmental legislation that relates to the company

Educating Team Members

  • Raise awareness among team members through appropriate education and training – at employee induction and through ongoing communications – encouraging them to become more environmentally responsible.
  • Develop policies and practices that raise awareness and encourage and enable team members to make a contribution to achieving environmental improvement.

“It’s vital as a business we remain conscious of the waste we produce which is why we have recycle bins at all desks! Although our offices are right next to the train station, many people cycle into work; as well as keeping us fit it’s doing our bit for the environment”

Yasmina SiadatanHead of Marketing

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