Risk Profiled Funds

Dynamic Planner provides an independent risk profiling service to enable an accurate assessment of the expected risk characteristics of an investment fund or model portfolio over the longer term. This service performs a vital role in matching the expected risk of a fund or portfolio to that of the end investor’s agreed risk mandate - vital to enable advisers to meet and exceed the regulator’s suitability requirements.

How we risk profile investments

Our risk-profiling process is driven by rigorous analysis of the underlying asset mix of a fund, as well as considering factors such as the flexibility of the investment mandate, monthly trend analysis of the underlying asset constituents and observed performance. Once this analysis is complete, the data is calibrated to the underlying asset forecast assumptions of the Dynamic Planner model. The expected risk of the fund is then determined using a scale from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) which can then be aligned to client risk profiles.

Every quarter, our fund risk profiling team carefully review the latest data to ensure the original risk profile assessment remains accurate, using Dynamic Planner’s latest set of Capital Market Assumptions.

In determining the accurate risk mandate of the client, Dynamic Planner enables advisers to use psychometric questionnaires in conjunction with risk-based goal planning tools. These include discussion prompts around risk capacity, how long a client intends to invest and their financial experience. Learn more about the Dynamic Planner risk profiling process.

Dynamic Planner Risk Profile 1
Dynamic Planner Risk Profile 10

Webinar Recording: Risk Profiled Solutions

Watch this webinar recording in which Abhi and Chris from our Investment Services team explain how we risk profile funds and what our Risk Profiled Solutions badges mean, in terms of expected volatility and client outcomes.

“When we risk profile new clients – and regardless of where they sit on the risk scale, be it a 3, 4, 5, or 6 – we know that the investment we are recommending has been carefully mapped by Dynamic Planner”

Tom OrchardAnnetts and Orchard

“Dynamic Planner is straightforward to use and I really like the reports it produces for clients, which illustrate things like the efficient frontier, showing where a client’s portfolio currently sits and where it will potentially sit following your recommendation”

Catherine MorganEssendon Financial Planning

“Dynamic Planner plays an integral part in our risk profiling and portfolio construction process. When we were first looking at the design and make-up of that process, Dynamic Planner came out ahead of other services, because of the combination of things it offers”

Tim HarveyHR Independent

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