Risk Target Managed funds

The Dynamic Planner Risk Target Managed (RTM) investment service identifies specialist, outcome-orientated multi-asset funds which are committed to remaining within Dynamic Planner’s forward-looking risk framework. Such a commitment is crucial, post-MiFID II, to enable advisers to meet and exceed regulatory suitability requirements.

Portfolio commitments

Each Risk Target Managed fund shares our asset allocation model’s risk definitions and forward assumptions. It is closely reviewed on an ongoing basis by both the asset manager and by Dynamic Planner. As part of our RTM service, the asset manager agrees to abide by the following commitments:

The expected volatility of the fund is targeted to stay within the ex-ante risk boundaries of the respective Dynamic Planner risk profile

 And / or the underlying portfolio is targeted to match the strategic asset allocations for the respective Dynamic Planner risk profile

They offer suitably diversified exposure (either directly or synthetically) to at least six asset classes included within the Dynamic Planner strategic allocations:

The underlying asset class exposure is managed in a suitably diversified manner

Derivative exposure is primarily used for efficient portfolio management

In order to satisfy these diversification levels, the RTM service encompasses Dynamic Planner risk profiles 3 – 8 only.

Dynamic Planner Risk Target Managed 3
Dynamic Planner Risk Target Managed 8

“Dynamic Planner adds value by helping me design investment portfolios. In terms of efficiency, it saves me many hours and adds accuracy to my portfolio design.”

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“When we risk profile new clients – and regardless of where they sit on the risk scale – we know the investment we are recommending has been carefully mapped by Dynamic Planner.”

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